Kemi Sogunle is the author of Love, Sex, Lies and Reality. 

Kemi is also a professional writer, speaker, life and relationship coach. She is dedicated to helping others transform their lives through self-development and growth, gaining knowledge and understanding of self-love prior to becoming involved in a relationship, find what works best and how to remain true to oneself while connecting with others to build solid relationships that will make their lives better not bitter.

She writes and speaks from a personal place and experience on relationships, healing, forgiveness and purposeful living by moving from pain to purpose. She shares deep and inspirational messages through her writing and has touched many lives across the globe. She also teaches, motivates and inspires others to be the best version of the person God created them to be on daily basis. She believes that living truthfully is paramount to long-lasting relationships and healthy living.

"Life is a journey that teaches us a lot about ourselves. We must sometimes lose ourselves in order to find ourselves and connect with the real person we are created to be. This has been my journey so far. I strongly believe self-development  is key to living and walking in purpose.

Without constantly developing ourselves, we become overwhelmed and miss out on what life has to offer. Walking the painful journey is not what life is all about but our ability to rise up , pick ourselves back up and keep our faith,. All these, are vital to healthy living. Everyone deserves the chance to live life fully well and I'm dedicated to helping  and supporting others with self-development and purposeful living just as God designed it to be."

"Together We Heal."

Peace and many blessings,

Kemi Sogunle

Our Founder