The "Love Motivator": $500

The "Love Magnet:" $1000 and above

The "Love Encourager": $250

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Corporate Sponsorship

One of the ongoing goals of Love Not Hurt is to secure and to maintain sponsorships from corporations in order to accomplish the endeavors of our organization. Our goal is to engage and involve corporate sponsors in the efforts of Love Not Hurt (these include educating corporations about relationship building in the workplace that will make the environment conducive and effective for team members. Corporate sponsorships will also be used to conduct educational efforts and support our Founder and team speaking tours in places and to organizations that could not otherwise pay them to come out to speak. Most elementary schools, high schools and some colleges as well as smaller organizations and nonprofits do not have a budget for speaking engagements. One of the benefits of having  corporate sponsors is the willingness to support Love Not Hurt.

 To become a corporate sponsor or to participate in the  matching grants or sponsorship programs, kindly send an email to:

To make a direct deposit  into our bank account, please send an email to

Thank you for considering Love Not Hurt as a beneficiary of your hard work and labor. We sincerely appreciate your generosity and support.

General Online Donation

You can make fast and secure Online Donations  on our website via PayPal by clicking on the Donate button below:

To become a volunteer or to partner with us, please send  an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Highest Level of Education
  • 2 References
  • Areas of interest
  • Potential Start Date

Thank you for volunteering your time.

Become An Ambassador for Love Not Hurt

As an ambassador for Love Not Hurt, you will help promote our organization, plan and hold fundraisers in your state or locality. Participate in conferences held in other states, solicit for participate in sponsorship for our events.  A year of commitment is required for this position.

Show your interest by sending: 2 headshot pictures, 2 references, and 2-4 hours of availability for meetings.

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