"Thank you for the powerful message you shared with the girls and their parents.. You are truly a blessing.”


Patricia Washington, Debs In Christ Ministry, Celebration Church, MD,

 March 2016

Our Founder, Kemi Sogunle, was privileged to speak to a group of teenage girls at the Celebration Church, Debs in Christ Ministry in Columbia, MD on Self-Love and Esteem.


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The Lives We Impact

“God bless you as you continue to inspire people like me."


Charity I,

“I have learned a lot and I truly appreciate what you are doing. Thanks and may God bless you.”


Doro N,


Love Not Hurt is a nonprofit (501c3) organization that depends greatly on the generosity of individuals, for the purpose of making our services available to every individual. We are passionate about giving everyone an opportunity to make their lives better.

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Our mission is to educate and empower   men and women (including young adults and teens) for the purpose of self- development leading to personal growth and life transformation, while creating a world of love that impacts our families, communities and the world.

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